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Mystic Electric (2019)

Released in 2019, Mystic Electric marks a surprising new direction after the success of "Lights and Shadows" 3 years earlier. Instead of repeating the winning formula, this album explores a totally new soundscape, where man and machine collide into an an explosive, emotionally charged collection of songs from the the rocking meditative title track Mystic Electric, to the vintage energy of Funky Robots, through the uplifting The Best We Can or the deceptively simple Dawn Over The City.

"Andre's advantage over most self-serving guitar wizards, is the catchiness and depth of his melodies [...] complex, varied guitar music for people who might not play an instrument, but love music." EMPIRE MAGAZINE, Germany

Lights and Shadows (2016)

Andre's third full-length album Lights and Shadows was released on April 28, 2016, becoming his first album to reach number 1 on the iTunes Charts (Spain). It is an ambitious, diverse collection of 11 songs that span different genres, styles and moods, wherer Andre's signature melodies and drivign riffs are elevated to new heights. Again produced and mixed by Andre and mastered by Grammy winner John Cuniberti, Lights and Shadows takes the listener through a 50-minute musical journey as diverse as the rocking Planet 9, the cheerful A Perfect Day, or the light-speed adventure Starflyer, as well as the haunting fan-favorite In Dreams.

"City Lights closes this maginificent work by a young guitarist, composer and producer that will delight all instrumental music fans and guitarists." METALCRY, Spain

Fill the Sky (2013)

Fill the Sky was released in 2013, reaching number 2 on the iTunes Rock charts in Andre's adoptive Spain and entering rotation on radios around the world. This album inlcludes concert staples such as the hopeful title track, the epic heavy rock of Originator and Edge of the World, and maybe Andre's best known song, the rock ballad One. This album also cemented the role of Andre as producer and engineer of his own records, which conitnues to this day. Once again, mastering duties were put in the trusted hands of Grammy winner John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani, Aerosmith, Dead Kennedys).

"Andre leaves us with the unmistakable stamp of how to make an instruemntal album [...] with guitars filled with harmony, feel and of course, mastery" METALEGUN, Spain

Power World Fantastic (2008)

Power World Fantastic is Andre's debut full-length album. Recorded at home in a small room with one amp, one guitar, and the tiniest electronic drums, it represents the drive most musicians have to get their music out there, no matter the circumstances. As a first time recording engineer, producer, and mixer, Andre considered it a miracle when the album was finally sent to mastering engineer John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani, Aerosmith, The Dead Kennedys). Despite all the difficulties, this album contains several fan-favorites, such as the exotic rocker Midnight Driver, the cosmic, riff laden Power World Fantastic, or the ballad Written in the Sand.

"Sparkling guitars and a masterful melodic sense, with a fluid, inspired and engaging touch." METAL HAMMER, Italy