I am the owner and director of GUITAR STUDIO, one of the top music academies in Barcelona, Spain. Recently, I have expanded operations to Madrid, where I am teaching privately both in person and online to a limited number of students from all over the world. If you would like me to help you with your playing and to reach your musical goals, feel free to contact me at: andre@guitarstudio.es


Andre Tonelli - Alternate Picking


70 Progressive Exercises

Alternate Picking is arguably the most fundamental guitar technique of all. I am happy to announce that my new book Alternate Picking, the first of my Guitar Method, is now available! I have worked very hard to design exercises that will help you improve your technique, no matter your current level. I also want you to be able to expand on this material and take the future of your practice into your own hands, with advice and suggestions that will help you do just that.

Available as PDF + Audio Files. €10


85 Progressive Exercises

Legato is an incredibly expressive and useful guitar technique. 85 progressive guitar exercises to take your legato to the next level! From Hammer-On and Pull-Off to Scales, Arpeggios and more, the Legato book gives you everything you need to master this essential technique! Filled with tips and advice that will make your practice more enjoyable and efficient, it makes for a great companion to Book 1: Alternate Picking.

Available as PDF + Audio Files. €10


Here's my small gift to you. It's a collection of Licks, Riffs and Musical Ideas to help you improve your technique, composition, and songwriting through examples from real songs. It's a small thank you for your continued support, and an even smaller contribution to your ongoing musical journey. I hope you enjoy it!


YOUTUBE (Subscribe)

Every week on Saturday, we get together on my YouTube channel and we talk about guitar, music, songwriting, music production and everything else that floats our boat. The chatroom is always open, with people from all over the wolrd joining in with comments and questions. All are welcome, so feel free to stop by and JOIN US!

Throughout 2021, I have released a weekly video on guitar chords. Every Tuesday, for almost 40 weeks, you can learn a new chord: how it sounds, how to play it on the guitar, what scales to use with it, and much more. You can check out the whole playlist here: ONE CHORD A WEEK

In 2014/15, I released the GUITAR ENCYLOPEDIA, a series of over 200 videos that cover everything from scales, to chords, to technique and theory. The Encyclopedia was designed as a tool for all those who can't afford proper guitar instruction because of geographical, economic, or social circumstances. You can access the full playlist HERE.