The Guitar Encyclopedia is a project developed by Andre and the people at GEARED. It is aimed at providing free, trustworthy, first-class guitar education to a worldwide audience of aspiring musicians, whatever their social or economic condition and wherever in the world they might live.

The Encyclopedia consists of 208 videos spanning every subject a guitarist needs to begin and progress in his or her musical adventure. Technique, theory, chords, ear training, and a lot more are presented clearly and progressively, organised in chapters and sections. There are TABs available for all registered users (registration is free, of course) and all videos have been subtitled in Spanish (we hope to add more languages as the project gains traction around the world).

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1. Warmup and Basic Training 5. Minor Scales 9. The Modes
2. Alternate Picking 6. Sweep Picking 10. Chords
3. Major Scales 7. Pentatonic Scales 11. Expression Techniques
4. Legato 8. Tapping


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