Monthly archives: October, 2016

Guitar9 Interview

newg9headerAndre recently did an interview with the great Dan McAvinchey of about being an independent musician and producer, Lights and Shadows, and other interesting aspects of playing this beautiful instrument!

” The advantages are the usual ones: creative freedom, career control, owning your own masters. But there is a risk with being an independent musician, and that is that you get so lost in your own freedom that you end up with a career that isn’t going anywhere.”
Read the full interview here.

Facebook Live – Follow us!


Andre regularly uses the Live feature on his Facebook Mentionsscreen-shot-2016-10-09-at-7-35-56-pmaccount, especially from the studio. In these videos, called Random Studio Hangouts, he talks about different aspects of the creative process as it relates to studio work. Cool exotic gear, vintage pedals, Pro Tools, plugins, guitars, and tons more. And the best part is, you can joint conversation live and be part of the hangout. Andre also goes live for improvised performances, when traveling, and at other random times!

In order to make this as fun as possible, we would like to get as many of you involved as possible, so please follow Andre’s page if you haven’t yet and share it with your friends.